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Laboratories are increasingly required to deliver scientific findings faster and more easily than before, while simultaneously reducing costs and labor. There is a growing need for automated solutions, and the constantly increasing numbers of specimens and simultaneous drive to shorten process times are making robot-based analysis increasingly attractive in bio-analysis technology. This is also the case when it comes to automating high throughput processes. The Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) has developed a modular laboratory robot system to perform monotonous manual activities. The detection and analysis work normally carried out by humans is performed by IDS industrial cameras combined with LabView and state of the art machine vision technology.

Everyday work in a laboratory puts high demands on our bodies. Air-conditioned rooms, heavy equipment, and long series of repetitive movements strain different muscle groups. These burdens can lead to stiffness or pain in multiple parts of the body. Some of these can be relieved in the early state, but some expand and bury a risk of becoming chronic, like repetitive strain injury (RSI). This painful injury of the arm, wrist, and hand is widespread among pipette users, but could be prevented by the correct seating or standing position during work.


Stretching is one of the most natural movements utilized by almost every creature on the planet. Cats and dogs are natural experts in stretching and you would not see one of these animals rising from a nap without stretching. Many of us stretch in the morning but forget to during the day. Stretching after a workout is also recommended, but some of us tend to skip it. The consequences of neglected stretching can be substantial. But why is stretching important and which benefits do we gain from regular stretching?

You usually do not notice the ergonomic features of a pipette – if you did, they would be a disturbing factor and thus not ergonomic. Many people think that a pipette is already ergonomic when it has a low weight and requires a low operating force. But these are only partial aspects of a greater whole.