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Analytica Vietnam 2019

analytica Vietnam focus on innovative and applied product and system solutions for laboratories in the industrial, research and science sectors. As the industry's definitive forum, analytica Vietnam gathers all relevant information about the latest developments

  • Largest and leading trade fair in Vietnam
          With 121 exhibitors from 17 countries analytica Vietnam is the largest and leading 
          trade fair in the analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology sector in Vietnam.
  • Presence of industry leaders      
          The industry's global players are represented at analytica Vietnam.
  • Entire overview of the industry
          The diverse range of exhibits gives visitors a comprehensive overview of the market, 
          innovations and best-practice examples:

    • Analysis• Biotechnology
    • Laboratory technology
    • Quallity control / Measuring and testing
  • analytica Vietnam conference: Where science meets technology      
          The conference is tailored to the Vietnamese market, so it will give you profound 
          insights into science and research. It is where international experts present the latest
          techniques in all application sectors. Join the discussion about recent developments 
          and fascinating future prospects.
  • Bright market prospects      
          Vietnam's economy continues to grow. GDP for 2017 is expected to reach the seven 
          percent mark. The free trade agreement recently concluded between Vietnam and the
          EU and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provide excellent conditions for future 
          trading operations.